The Lake Hylia marine scientist LIVES (despite his deathly appearance)!!!

A random whim project I began working on a few months back, starting with the head; this is the next model in my ongoing “LEGO of Zelda” series. The freakish scientist statue stands about 2 feet tall, uses hundreds of pieces and is rather rickety (and a bit heavy)! The most difficult task was trying to attach the head to the body: my original plan was to have the head tilted at an awkward angle, just as the scientist in the game, to make him appear more “hunchback”-like…

Unfortunately, there was no efficient way to use Technic pieces to have the head tilted without having it snap off, ergo I had to just make it fixed in place at a standard angle to ensure security.The arms are also kind of rickety, as they were the second-to-last to be built, and were thrown together kind of slapdash. With more planning and acquiring pieces, I’d probably have made stronger arm joints which could securely hold a bottle of potion or whatnot. By the way, it took me three whole photo shoots to get this final set! With his large size, I was originally unable to cram him into my light tent, and thus had to build makeshift light riggings using sheets and messing with my camera’s light balance. I was finally able to fit him in the tent and sacrifice multiple angles for the sake of better lighting. As you can tell, I had to crank up the saturation and levels in Photoshop to fix the images, as it’s difficult to film white on white.

As stated previously, the head was created first (a few weeks ago), and the body was just built overnight last night. I stayed up until 4 am watching “To Catch a Predator” re-runs, chugging Turkey Hill Iced Tea, listening to my classic rock mix and pressing hundreds of blue and white LEGO bricks together to bring you this eerie man of science! Mosey on down to the Lakeside Laboratory to pay this old man a visit, and maybe you could treat him to some delicious fried frog eyeballs! Uhoy hoy hoo houy hoy!

-Baron von Brunk