"Deku Scrub Link!"

The next component in my LEGO of Zelda series, here we have our hero Link clad in his majestic Deku scrub mask and thus transformed into an anthropomorphic plant stage! Fun fact: the original concept behind this statue was to have a hollow head with a spring mechanism in the mouth — which would launch LEGO pieces similar to Deku nuts! Unfortunately, due to time and engineering issues, I scrapped the idea and simply made him a stationary statue with a solid head.

I completed this whole project in about 14 hours, give or take. There were no parts shortages this time — rather, the hindrances were some obstacles such as the feet (which use a mix of traditional and SNOT “studs not on top” methods), as well as getting a sturdy way to keep the arms attached. Also, the basic statue was built in its entirety the night before the completed project was photographed — but alas, I felt as if the original head was too small and narrow, which made Deku Link look wonky and squished. Thus, I kept the body intact and spent the previous few hours completely rebuilding the head to be fatter and overall larger — to be more game accurate — as Deku Link’s head was like a round ball in the game.

This creation, as well as most of my previous Nintendo-related creations will be put in Nintendo World Store’s museum on Saturday April 6th for the release party of LEGO City Undercover! Come by to the Rockefeller Center if you’re in the New York area, and from 12-4 PM I’ll be at the store to show off my creations!

-Baron von Brunk

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