Baron von Brunk’s Debut on Discovery Channel Canada!

Hey hosers! My friends up north did a totally jolly good quick review of my giant LEGO NES controller project! Here’s a little segment of trending tech topics on Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet show! By the way — the racecar game in question is R.C. Pro-Am — almost like a precursor to Mario Kart; you play as little remote-controlled cars driving around a racetrack, avoiding oil slicks whilst shooting projectiles at enemy cars. I had a weird love-hate relationship with that game at age 8, hence it’s once of the featured games in my LEGO NES controller demonstration!

Speaking of Canada, I’ve only been there once: in 1991, at age 6 I traveled briefly to Ontario. My paternal grandmother was of the Ottawa First Nation’s Tribe, and the von Brunk family was comprised of German immigrants originally dwelling in the American upper midwest since 1862(?) — thus, I was in Sault Ste Marie, Canada/Michigan to visit the “homeland!” But, I do enjoy Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Neil Young - so I guess it all evens out… Eh?

P.S. - Ironically (or coincidentally) one of my souvenirs from my short visit to Canada was a small LEGO set - of a racecar, of all things! Not a lie.

Original Discovery Channel Link

-Baron von Brunk

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