Newest updates on my fully-operational well-endowed LEGO NES controller!

The YouTube video itself has gotten over 16,700 views - despite only being intended to be embedded, not necessarily shared! As for Instructables, my entry was featured on the front page and chosen as a popular moderator’s pick!

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Thank you for all of the feedback and reblogs of my giant functional NES Controller replica made from LEGO bricks! I appreciate all of the new Tumblr followers and new Facebook fans since the original post a few days ago, and here’s a little follow-up on the good buzz thus far. Since its original posting, I’ve received quite a bit of good publicity — notably some articles on various popular gaming/tech sites…



"LEGO builder Baron von Brunk, who you may have seen here from time to time, is back with something a bit bigger. A little more ambitious. He’s built this enormous five-foot LEGO NES controller. Which works. I don’t know what to be more impressed by, the build itself or the fact he owned enough grey and black pieces to put it together in the first place.”


Topless Robot:

"… This thing actually works, but if your arms are more T-rex than Mr. Fantastic, you might find it a tad challenging. Creator Baron von Brunk has posted a nearly four-minute video of him playing using the controller, just to prove it works. It’s worth checking out just for the orchestral version of the Mario theme."

Mum’s the word, but soon this shall be featured on an MSNBC tech article, as well as some British news websites! Stay tuned! And if you stumble upon any other blogs or online postings that mention this LEGO project of mine, feel free to send me the links.

-Baron von Brunk

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