I made the weekly staff pick… Again - again!

That’s right, folks: for a third time, the staff of LEGO CUUSOO have chosen my entry — the LEGOformers for the weekly pick! Each week, the website showcases a chosen entry that’s based on a weekly theme, such as Star Wars, history, modular, video games, animals, sports, architecture et al; several months back, I made the staff pick for “robots”, then in the summer I got picked again for “video games” — and since these entries hold strong amongst fans and admins alike, these LEGO models made another robot pick!

Share my CUUSOO entry with everyone amongst these internets! Support my entry simply by logging in and leaving feedback. With enough votes of support, the employees of LEGO will personally review these models as potentially being sold as real toys. In fact, this is precisely how the recent LEGO Minecraft series first got launched — as a fan suggestion just like this!

-Baron von Brunk

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