LEGO Doctor Who TARDIS, a custom commission for Nelson Lugo of Epic Win Burlesque!

My first ever custom creation made for a client, as well as my first ever LEGO creation to use unconventional outside methods such as glue, paint and sanding; as in the past, I’ve only stuck true to authentic pieces and occasionally used stickers, batteries or lights — but always LEGO parts for infrastructure. This massive brute stands almost 2-feet tall, weighs a helluva lot and is firmly held together via several tubes of Krazy Glue. This total project was worked on gradually throughout mid August 2012, and was just completed on September 9th. The stickers were designed by me in Adobe Illustrator and printed at a local shop in Manhattan, the same place that made my SEGA and Sonic stickers for Gearhead the Game Gear Transformer.

The TARDIS you see here is the second edition of this project, or “TARDIS mk.2” as I’ve dubbed it: initially Nelson and I decided I should build a LEGO TARDIS in its entirety as a mockup to gauge the amount of parts needed as well as its functionality, and once the first draft was approved, it was torn to pieces and glued together into the particular one shown here. The TARDIS mk.1 (the prototype) can be found on Epic Win’s Facebook fan page — so be sure to like them! The second model took about a week to reconstruct and glue together, which was a tedious process to ensure accuracy — since any errors with Krazy Glue were irrevocable. The hardest part to do was to come up with a solution to having the roof sturdy and glued whilst simultaneously hollow with a delicate battery/light box. The roof is glued but hollow on the inner area, with the lightbulb, battery, switch and wires all contained within an unglued makeshift LEGO lantern module I came up with. This module slides in and out of the hollow roof, so that batteries can be replaced or wires can be amended prior to the start of the show (see photo #4).

This box is actually a stage prop for a forthcoming magic/burlesque show of the science fiction persuasion — Sci-Fi TV Burlesque, presented by Epic Win and debuting next weekend in New York City. The main question I’ve been asked thus far is if there’s something special inside, like an illusion to make it appear larger inside than outside. I shan’t divulge what the innards look like, as that’ll spoil the magic trick — so you’ll just have to RSVP for the show and see for yourself! In the meantime, check out the illuminated beacon atop, which uses two 9V batteries and a small flashlight bulb (the same used in my Super Mario 3 airship) rigged up with wires and a switch to add more to the effect, as mentioned previously.

Make sure to follow Epic Win on Twitter, and check out Nelson Lugo’s Tumblr for his magic and burlesque endeavors!

(poster design by me with model: Stormy Leather)

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